Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just Take A Walk, Nature Walk That Is.

So, what does walking have to do with wellness?  Well, besides being one of the healthiest and easiest forms of exercise there is, walking is also very stimulating to the senses.  The six -seven senses (yes, there are more than five) are  sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing (sound), and the Higher Senses of Intuitiveness, Inner/Inter-Dimensional awareness.  The last two are really deep so just go with me on these ok. 
So, I went out for a walk the other day, and I was very pleased at the level of stimulation that I received from the Omni-verse.  Our earthly environment is just full of life giving and sustaining substances, and if you are as fortunate as I am to dwell in a place such as Sunny Southern California, then you know what I mean.  I needed to clear my head of the cluttered thoughts that were taking over my mental space and causing my physical self to "feel" achy and tight.  I was walking through my neighborhood and my sense of sight noticed this tree with these dew-drop golden yellow balls hanging amidst the forest green leaves.  My sense of hearing/sound had been listening to the melodic-rhythmic chirping of the many different types of birds that are ever present for me whenever I'm outdoors.  Anyway, I got excited about the tree because I'm aware now that one of my favorite fruits is now in bloom.  So now without even having a piece of this fruit in my mouth (yet) my sense of taste kicks in and I'm salivating at the thought of tasting a piece of this delicious "nature-made," "ready-to-eat" treat.  "Saat-Rai! What are you talking about?"-you say.  Well take a look. See me smiling. 
Now see that tree just behind me next to my head?  It's called a Loquat Tree
and it is truly an amazing tree.  I get excited each year when as I turn a corner in some neighborhood I run smack-dab into this beautiful sight.  Now here's where my sense of touch and taste kick in really quick because upon seeing this tree, I just have to pick from it and eat the fruit thereof.  Oh yeah!  Right there in front of it I pick and enjoy the juicy, sweet taste of this delightful species.  Trust me after you eat one (or two or three-hee hee
) of these little poppers, you will agree with me.  Fruit bearing plants and trees love to be eaten from, they feel appreciated for all of their hard work.  Plus, the Divine Creator of ALL things put these trees right in our mist for our nourishment.  Free food, go figure.  If you see the tree on someone's property, just ask if you can pick from it.  Most people will be ok with it because the fruit are so, so  abundant that you will be doing them a favor picking them before they fall to the ground and need to be cleaned-up.  This time of year you may see a few Farmers' selling them at Farmer's Markets, but don't look for them in your local grocery store because they won't be there.  You have to go to Natures Grocery Store - OUTDOORS!

So, let's run through this again.  1.) Decide to take a walk, 2.) Put on your favorite walking gear - head-covering, sunglasses, jacket, shorts, shoes, bottled H2O, ...just my suggestions, 3.) Get out that door and start walking, 4.) stop thinking about "stuff" and put that cell phone on silent - not vibrate, and let your senses take over, 5.) See the birds, bees and oh, there's that TREE

Now follow these INTRUCTIONS

PICK, RINSE, EAT, ... GATHER (this behavior is old school, primitive and instinctive-a higher sense, so go for it!), REPEAT!  As you can see below, I am a gather.  I enjoy being alone with things that make me feel good, so I port some home and chill them in the frig' for a few hours before feasting.
They have medium to large seeds inside that I find just fascinating, and I collect those as well.  Truth be told, I seldom throw away any seeds from the ("real") foods that I eat.  If you covered my living space with soil, and watered it with H2O and sunlight, many edible thing would grow.
Nutritionally, this is a great food to just snack on as it is rich in Pectin, a type of dietary fiber beneficial to colon health, and low in calories fetching about 50-calories per 100 grams (about 6-7 medium sized ones).  It also has a good supply of Vitamin A for skin rejuvenation, Folate and Potassium that support blood and cell production.
Now, back to that walk.  After doing what comes natural while outdoors, you will have taken a nice long nature walk (30-60minutes), found some wholesome, nourishing foods to eat, stimulated all of your senses, burned a few thousand calories, circulated your blood and moved toxins from your  body through sweating...(you'll do that other thing when you get back home, trust me), you will most likely come across a few really profound thoughts about your life, and oh, most of all you'll have taken time out for yourself to just take a walk, A NATURE WALK, that is.  ENJOY~!