Wednesday, February 6, 2013

GMO - You MUST Get In The Know, NOW!

Greetings again community:

Just Before I fell ill and hospitalized this past November/December 2012, with an Obstructed Bowel, I was in the process of purchasing and showing this documentary.  This is so important to know that it is being shown free via the above link, and on YouTube until February 10, 2013. 

 I am sad to see that after 35-years now there is still a seemingly non-productive movement to oust Big Business and there sinister attack on the American public as a result of their unscrupulous business practices.  The documentary that you viewed (hopefully) is a reminder for me of a Race Rally that I attended in Boston, when I was about 15-years old, with my English teacher who was a member of an organization called CAR (Committee Against Racism).  While I do not remember my teachers' name, I do remember him coming to my house, explaining things to my mother and getting her permission for me to travel to Boston, Mass. with he and the group for this rally.  This is where I first came into contact with terms such as Big Business, Consumerism, and Corporate Interest , and exactly what they stood for.  It took some years for me to fully grasp the concepts of greed, deception, propaganda and the likes thereof, and how some people among us embody these attributes.  But I GOT IT, and I WANT YOU TO GET IT NOW so that we can put forth a valiant effort to succeed at gaining or re-gaining control over our lives and the environment that God has given us stewardship over.  Most of us (especially Black people) do not believe that there is a well thought out plan in effect (not a Conspiracy Theory, but a real plan) to make and keep us in ill-health and sick on some level.  We will not accept the fact that some other human being can be so sinister in their thoughts and actions to think on such a destructive level.  We need to WAKE UP!  Remember the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
This GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) thing is no joke, and we must get in the know about what they are, how they affect our health, and how we take back our right to live naturally without interference from any source seeking to make a profit or gain at the expense of our health and well being.

I am going to leave you with this link to the documentary by Geoffrey M. Smith (executive director of the Institute for Responsible Technology, producer of the films Hidden Dangers in Kids' Meals and Your Milk on Drugs—Just Say No!, and supporter in the push to Label GMO Foods on the California 2012 ballot).   Now, I just posted a blog piece about the soil and how nutrient deficient they have become.  Well, this documentary lays it our in plain English.  Listing the Who, What, When, Where, and How of this blatant CHEMICAL & GENETIC WARFARE (the Why is insanity, and any body's guess).  After watching this documentary, what else would you call it?  Please join me in my efforts to wake up those in my community and yours about this attack and let us give our own Black Voice to this issue.  At the end of the documentary, one of the speakers - Andrew Kimbrell- states that they have made successful efforts in getting rid of some of the Monsanto GMO products such as corn, rice, soy, tomatoes, wheat and GMO vaccines.  Well, "they" may have gotten rid of these things in "their" communities, but guess where those products have safely landed?  They have made their way right into the so-called "low income" communities that are predominantly Black or people of color, given to expecting mothers through government funded programs,  and presented through Ad Campaigns that have been initiated for you to eat more fruits and vegetables and "Eat 5 a Day."  Really!  Come on people let's get with the program!  Or, better still get away from this program and begin to demand Organic and Locally Grown produce and products at the stores that we shop at, and demand that the prices fit our budgets as well.  Let's also take responsibility and seek out and invite local growers to our Farmers' Markets and then support them so that our buying power is noticed and we are taken seriously. 

I can go on and on about this, but all in due time.  For now, please take action surrounding the foods that you choose to buy to nourish you and your family, and educate yourself on what is happening around the U.S. Food Supply Chain.  Be well, and post your comments on this blog-site so that we can continue to dialog on this subject and make positive and progressive changes to our health and well-being.  ~You-Niquely~

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